WBC Tournament

WBC Rules

The rules for the tournament are the same as the printed rules you can find in copies of the game, with the following exceptions:

  1. Misplots: If a driver misplots significantly under their allowed speed (eg: accidentally plotting 0), that speed will be corrected to [previous speed] - [deceleration] - 60mph.
  2. Forced Passing in Corners: If you need to force pass another driver in the first space of a corner, you will roll for the forced pass BEFORE paying for the corner, instead of afterward. If you have already entered the corner before you need to force pass, then you'll still pay for the corner first as normal.

WBC Qualification Heats

  1. Field Size: Multiple races will be run simultaneously during each qualifying time slot to accommodate all drivers wishing to participate. No driver may run in more than one race at the same time. The number of drivers will determine the number of races as follows:
  2. Drivers 1-11 12-20 21-30 31-40 41-50
    Races 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Field Seeding: Participating drivers are seeded into three tiers, based on their CFR rank as published prior to the event. Each driver is then assigned to a specific race in random order.
  4. Tracks: Each race will likely have a different track assigned to it. All tracks being raced in qualifying heats and finals will be published in the News section of this website, months in advance of the event.
  5. Car Builds: Once all drivers have been assigned to a race, everyone will have 15 minutes to review the track and build their car. At the end of that time, bidding for pole will happen and the race will start.
  6. Qualifying Points: Each driver will be given a number of points equal to how well they finished in their heat. The points are as follows:
  7. PlacePoints

WBC Finals

  1. Finals: Up to 12 people will qualify for the finals. To be eligible to qualify for the finals, you must have scored at least 10 points in qualifying heats.
  2. Finals Qualifying: All drivers are ranked based on their total number of qualifying points. Ties amongst drivers with the same number of points are broken using the following criteria:
    1. Best Finish occured in first heat entered.
    2. Best Finish occured in second heat entered.
    3. High Dice Roll
  3. Alternates: The next two racers that would have qualified for the final (rank 13 and 14) will be designated as Alternates. Alternates may race in place of another racer, should that person fail to show for the final event. No other drivers may participate in the finals.