The Buddy Factions of the Eldritch block

This idea and picture was sent to me by nodens, now that Forgotten Cities is being spoiled and we see that this idea of buddy factions is continued.

What is this thing of buddy factions? Well the idea is that several cards are designed to work in a deck with two factions that are buddies. The image show which factions are buddies, the two factions next to each other.

For example: Agency and MU are buddies, but not MU and Syndicate

With Eldritch Edition we got a few cards starting this idea of creating buddies. Now with FC we get a lot. Cost reducers for two factions, cards that are steadfast [buddy faction] and support cards that give you a boost if you have a character from the buddy faction.

If someone wants to compile a list of all cards on this theme, just email it to me and Ill add it here. Since I dont have more time to write now, we only get nodens nice picture :)

- xedric