Call of Cthulhu CCG

This is a home for player-created resources for FFG's card game Call of Cthulhu. This game used to be a CCG, but has since evolved into what FFG calls a "Living" Card Game. Essentially, it continues to get regular infusions of new cards, but in fixed packs.

The deck lists and articles on this site are all written by players of the game and FFG is in no way directly involved. This is merely a collection of guides, resources, and links which will hopefully help players become better acquainted with this wonderful game.

Recent Updates

  • 2021.02.27 - Found one of my old deckbuilder diary articles in a word doc, so I put it back up onto the site.
  • 2020.03.13 - Recovered all the articles I was able to from the Wayback Machine. I still hope to find some of my original word files and get a few more. Found images for most cards referenced.
  • 2020.03.10 - Tried to recover the Lang Codex, but was only able to find the 2007 content. Began working on the articles.
  • 2020.03.09 - Recovered the card lists section
  • 2020.03.09 - I had lost the code to this website quite a few years ago when my old hosted server went down. But I recently realized that I could rebuild the website from the Wayback Machine archives. So I'm in the process of bringing this back.

Original Update List

  • 2008.04.01 - Added the final missing '07 Codex articles
  • 2008.03.20 - Added the Shub & MU Hall of Fame articles.
  • 2008.03.19 - Added all of the '07 Codex articles I could find, however I know several are missing. The rest of the '05 codices have been uploaded as well.
  • 2008.03.18 - Added all of the '06 Codex articles and some more of the '05 ones.
  • 2008.03.17 - Added a bunch of 2005 Codex articles.
  • 2008.03.14 - Added HiredMistake's analysis on the flavor text.
  • 2008.03.13 - Added the rest of the 2004 Codex articles.
  • 2008.03.12 - Added a picture reference of the set symbols.
  • 2008.03.07 - Added the complete flavor text spoilers.
  • 2008.03.07 - Added roughly half of the Lang Codex articles from 2004. This will be slow going folks.
  • 2008.03.06 - Added all missing spoiler lists and created a section for starter deck lists.
  • 2008.03.05 - Finally uploaded a published version of the site, full of nothing but links to the old website. I'll get started on new content tomorrow.